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We have decided where to stay!

It should be pointed out that this trip was very much booked 'on a whim'! We saw an available flight and booked it to Langkawi. Only after that have we discovered that the island does seem to be quite expensive!!! We have been facing those reviews that seem to plague mid-range resorts...half the guests say 'it's fantastic' and the other half say 'it's the worst place they've ever stayed'!! Who is right?

So, after much browsing and umming and ahhing, we have decided to spend the first part of our stay at Meritus-Pelangi. The reviews on tripadvisor seem to be pretty consistent and as this is our first time to Malaysia we want to be in a nice place. Usually we go for 'basic' cheap & cheerful accommodation but we've ended up treating ourselves! The Meritus is a bit more than we'd usually pay so we're hoping it's good!

The last 5 days of our stay we're really pushing the boat out and staying at The Andaman resort.

Watch this space for a review when we return!

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Where to go, that's the question!

We decided, quite suddenly actually, to go to Langkawi island in Malaysia. We have free time in the summer so we checked out flights from Japan to ..... somewhere ..... and Langkawi it is!
As with any new place, the dilemma is where to stay? We have been to Thailand several times now and love the place. We have the comfortable feeling of knowing that we can turn up and find our way with no worry! Mayaysia is new to us so of course we don't know the island or the places to stay/not to stay...all part of the excitement but at the same time there's that lingering question mark...is it the right place?
Only time will tell....
At the moment we are still looking....

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